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Acidified Multi-Mineral Copper Sulfate

Acidified Multi-Mineral Copper Sulfate

Acidified Multi-Mineral Copper Sulfate is an economical footbath product that was specifically formulated for the dairy industry. This dry blend contains copper sulfate, zinc sulfate and an acidifier.

Why Old Bridge Acidified Multi-Mineral Copper Sulfate?

Less Mixing

Our unique blend is easy to dissolve and 100% soluble in water alone.


Best Results with Less Material and a Lower Cost

Acidified multi-mineral copper sulfate can be added at a lower percentage than copper sulfate alone while exceeding the performance of a copper sulfate footbath.


Reduced Copper Disposal

Get the performance of copper sulfate while reducing the usage of copper by more than 40%!


The blend of copper sulfate and zinc sulfate targets more bacterial strains versus copper sulfate or zinc sulfate alone

Acidified multi-mineral copper sulfate contains zinc sulfate which offers different and more effective results on certain bacterial strains which are known to cause hairy warts.


Reduced Bath Replenishment

The presence of an acidifier ensures that the copper and zinc stay active in solution longer versus copper sulfate. Organic matter in a foot bath is known to tie up and neutralize the activity of the metals in solution.


Made in USA

The zinc sulfate and copper sulfate are manufactured and blended in the USA. You can be confident in the quality of the product and also support American manufacturing!