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COVID-19 Business Response

COVID-19 Business Response

To our Valued Customers,

The Old Bridge Family of Companies (Old Bridge Chemicals/Madison Industries/Madison Chemicals) is focused on continually providing world class products and superior customer service, while safeguarding the well-being of our employees.

Our Ownership and Executive Management teams recognizes the growing concern for the spread of COVID-19, and they are taking it very seriously. Our employees, customers and the community’s health and wellness are extremely important to us and we are taking every precaution and doing everything possible to ensure your health, well being and the continuity of our businesses during this time.

We are closely monitoring local and national reports on the evolving impact of COVID-19. As advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and following industry protocols; while adjusting to new information as it becomes available, we are continually putting forth best practice health tips and guidelines to our employees.

Additionally, we want to inform you the Old Bridge Family of Companies has a business continuity plan in place, and we have taken precautionary steps. Some of these steps are as follows:

  • Our procurement team has met with our key suppliers and partners to determine what impact, if any, current conditions could have on the supply of products to the marketplace. As there are no immediate threats to the supply of our raw materials, they have implemented various strategies to ensure that if the situation should change there would be little to no impact.
  • We have equipped our employees with the necessary tools, practices, equipment and information they need to protect themselves and their families, while being able to protect and manage our operations from COVID-19.
  • We have restricted all non-critical business-related travel and have informed our employees that if they do travel for non-business-related activities that they may be subject to a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine before being able to return to work.
  • We have tested our remote access capabilities and all non-manufacturing essential jobs are being offered the ability to work remotely.
  • Our manufacturing shifts continue to operate their regular schedules.
  • We have asked all our employees to respect the guidelines and policies that have been put in place by our customers concerning interaction.
  • We are asking suppliers and vendors to not visit our facilities unless it is business critical.
  • We are implementing extra hygiene and cleaning measures throughout our company including, but not limited to, locker rooms, lunchrooms, guard house and shipping & receiving areas.

Again, Our Ownership and Executive Management teams recognize the growing concern for the spread of COVID-19. The rapidly developing COVID-19 situation has the potential to cause significant disruption to production and the supply of our products. We continue to make the best overall decisions, along with the recommendations by the national and local governments and the CDC. Rest assured that our employees, their families and our customers operations continue to remain our top priority.



Bruce Bzura

Download Covid-19 Response Letter. Click Here.


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