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Copper Carbonate-Based Mineral Feed Ingredient

Why Choose Emerald-C™?

  • Maintains animal gut health and increases performance
  • Does not contain sulfates or chlorides
  • Excellent source of carbonate for feed premix
  • Stable, non-reactive with other feed ingredients
  • Superior bioavailability optimizes copper absorption
  • Non-dusting powder provides exceptional flowability
  • Enhanced formulation and health benefits versus copper sulfate
  • Comparable performance at a lower cost versus leading, chloride-based TBCC product
Emerald-C™ is a chloride-free, OMRI listed mineral feed ingredient proven to enhance animal health and performance. The free-flowing, copper carbonate-based green powder is ideally suited for humid environments. Extremely easy to handle and blend, Emerald-C is non-hydroscopic and insoluble in water.
Emerald-C™ offers the simplest and most concentrated form of copper (56%) available with greater bioavailability than copper sulfate. It is highly stable and non-reactive with vitamins and other essential premix ingredients. As a bound copper, Emerald-C becomes active in the digestive system, where it counts!
Emerald-C™ is manufactured in the USA at our HACCP and AFIA certified safe feed/ safe food New Jersey facility. Independent analyses of Emerald-C demonstrate that the product easily meets rigid EU criteria for the presence of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenols (PCBS).
Emerald-C™ is specially formulated to deliver increased bioavailability and performance, while providing a copper source with no sulfates or chloride.

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