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Copper Carbonate-Based Mineral Feed Ingredient

Frequently Asked Questions

Emerald-C is a carbonate (CO3) based copper mineral specially manufactured for optimized performance in Animal Feed. It is composed of 56% copper.

The largest difference between Emerald-C and TBCC is that Emerald-C has no chlorides present in the formula. Emerald-C is 56% copper.

TBCC is a tribasic copper chloride which is composed of approximately 58% copper and 16% chloride.

Emerald-C and TBCC are both highly concentrated forms of copper. They are both insoluble in water and only soluble in acidic environments (pH < 3.5 for Emerald-C and pH <4 for TBCC). They perform similar in all of our animal studies in terms of animal performance and bioavailability.

Emerald-C is manufactured by Old Bridge Chemicals in the USA via a proprietary precipitation method that provides the optimal particle size distribution, composition and conformation for superior bioavailability in animal feed compared to other methods of manufacturing.

Emerald-C has no sulfates and is not soluble in water. The copper concentration is much higher in Emerald-C (56% Cu) compared to copper sulfate (25.5% Cu). Copper sulfate is completely soluble in water. Emerald-C is more bioavailable than copper sulfate.

Emerald-C and copper sulfate both have anti-microbial effects.

Download the Emerald-C™ fact sheet to learn more about this remarkable alternative to TBCC and copper sulfate products.