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Old Bridge Chemicals Introduces Emerald-C™ Copper Carbonate-based Mineral Feed Ingredient

Old Bridge Chemicals Introduces Emerald-C™ Copper Carbonate-based Mineral Feed Ingredient

Emerald-C™ is specially formulated to deliver increased bioavailability and performance, while providing a copper source with no sulfates or chloride.

OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey, USA, April 18, 2018 –Old Bridge Chemicals, North America’s largest manufacturer of copper and zinc compounds, is pleased to announce the introduction of Emerald-C™ copper carbonate-based mineral feed ingredient.

Chloride-free and OMRI-listed, Emerald-C is proven to enhance animal health and performance. The free-flowing, green powder is ideally suited for humid environments. Extremely easy to handle and blend, Emerald-C is non-hydroscopic and insoluble in water.

Dr. Joanne Small, Emerald-C Product Manager said, “Emerald-C offers the simplest and most concentrated form of copper available with greater bioavailability than copper sulfate. It is highly stable and non-reactive with vitamins and other essential premix ingredients. As a bound copper, Emerald-C becomes active in the digestive system, where it counts!”

Benefits of Emerald-C include:

  • Maintains animal gut health and increases performance
  • Contains no sulfates or chlorides
  • Excellent source of carbonate for feed premix
  • Stable, non-reactive with other feed ingredients
  • Superior bioavailability optimizes copper absorption
  • Non-dusting powder provides exceptional flowability
  • Enhanced formulation and health benefits versus copper sulfate
  • Comparable performance at a lower cost versus leading, chloride-based TBCC product

Emerald-C is manufactured in the USA at the company’s HACCP and AFIA certified safe feed/ safe food facility. Independent analyses of Emerald-C demonstrate that the product easily meets rigid EU criteria for the presence of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenols (PCBS).

For further information, please contact Joanne Small at [email protected] .

About Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc.

Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of copper and zinc compounds in North America. We are the leading manufacturer of copper sulfate in the United States, as well as a major supplier of copper carbonate, zinc sulfate and zinc chloride along with other chemical products containing copper and zinc. By offering a focused product portfolio in a variety of grades, it allows us to provide consistent quality products and exceptional service to every customer. Our compounds are used extensively in the industrial, water treatment, agriculture, animal feed and care industries.

Old Bridge Chemicals proudly places the American flag on every package we manufacture and sell. We are not a broker or distributor. For more information, please visit oldbridgechem.com

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