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Old Bridge Chemicals Launches New Website

Old Bridge Chemicals Launches New Website

OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey, USA, February 1, 2018 – Old Bridge Chemicals (OB) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, oldbridgechem.com. The site details OB’s stringent manufacturing requirements, immediate shipping capabilities and commitment to product quality.

Available in a variety of grades, the new site features the company’s focused product line, including:

Bruce Bzura, President of Old Bridge Chemicals, said “Substantial and continuing investments in our chemical manufacturing, research and development and customer service areas enable the Old Bridge team to meet the exacting performance and industry standards for the diversity of markets and applications we serve. I encourage everyone to check our site often as new content is published regularly.”

The new site also offers immediate download of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), as well as provides a comprehensive listing of industry certifications and standards for the company’s manufacturing facility and products, including OSHA, EPA, OMRI, NSF, and AWWA, amongst others.

Joel Bzura, Executive Vice President of Old Bridge Chemicals said, “Our new website reflects OB’s mission to continually create customer value, as well as to introduce our products and services to new markets that can benefit from our customized zinc and copper compound formulations.”

To learn more about OB, please visit oldbridgechem.com or contact [email protected]

About Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc.

Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of copper and zinc compounds in North America. We are the leading manufacturer of copper sulfate in the United States, as well as a major supplier of copper carbonate, zinc sulfate and zinc chloride along with other chemical products containing copper and zinc. By offering a focused product portfolio in a variety of grades, it allows us to provide consistent quality products and exceptional service to every customer. Our compounds are used extensively in the industrial, water treatment, agriculture, animal feed and care industries.

Old Bridge Chemicals proudly places the American flag on every package we manufacture and sell. We are not a broker or distributor. For more information, please visit oldbridgechem.com

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