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Old Bridge Chemicals Publishes Footbath White Paper

Old Bridge Chemicals Publishes Footbath White Paper

OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey, USA, October 31, 2018 –Old Bridge Chemicals, North America’s largest manufacturer of copper and zinc compounds, has published the whitepaper, “Footbath Alternatives: Forget About Formaldehyde, Please.”

Authored by chemicals industry veteran and OB account manager, Phil Fusco, the paper details how copper sulfate, acidified copper sulfate and acidified multi-mineral copper sulfate are effective in the prevention, not treatment, of infectious claw lesions. The whitepaper details:

  • Foot health and Footbath Protocol
  • Footbath Design and Management
  • Common Footbath Calculations
  • Storage, Handling and Environmental Considerations

Infectious claw lesions (e.g. hairy heel warts and foot rot) are a management issue at virtually all dairy farm dairy facilities. Most farms are currently using the old standby, copper sulfate, as a major part of their footbath control program. Although effective, copper sulfate can have potential drawbacks if not carefully administered and monitored, including soil buildup of copper over time, labor, and cost. Other facilities have tested formaldehyde in low concentrations. Although somewhat effective, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, unsafe for cow use, and not recommended.

To download the white paper, click here.

About Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc.

Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of copper and zinc compounds in North America. We are the leading manufacturer of copper sulfate in the United States, as well as a major supplier of copper carbonate, zinc sulfate, as well as other chemical products containing copper and zinc. By offering a focused product portfolio in a variety of grades, it allows us to provide consistent quality products and exceptional service to every customer. Our compounds are used extensively in the industrial, water treatment, agriculture, animal feed and care industries.

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